Dark side of IVF via STAT News Gets Views

The Untold Stories of IVF

Dark side of IVF via STAT News Gets Views

August 7, 2018 Bioethics 0
Dark Side of IVF

Dark side of IVF stories are few and far between, but we’re helping to change that. We made history of our own recently. Our #UnmaskingIVF stories were heard, acknowledged and included in the #IVFis40th narrative thanks in large part to STAT, a Boston Globe Media health reporting website.

The editors chose to include ‘our’ perspective and experience in First Opinion, a STAT section of opinion on medicine, biotechnology, and the life sciences. The article is titled: As the dark side of IVF slowly comes into focus, even more transparency is needed.

Dark Side of IVF Gets Views

You can help keep the story in the spotlight. There’s a “popular” section on STAT so please consider sharing and or retweeting the tweets. Some of the sharing and responses to date include the following:

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