The Untold Stories of IVF

Missing Oversight

The private ReproTech industry operates with little oversight. Instead patient-consumers are left to grapple and make sense of an expanding menu of ReproTech offerings, more than a few of which are not evidence-based or settled science.

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One way to apply pressure for more truth in advertising and accountability is highlighting questionable practices and sharing stories not curated by the ReproTech industry.

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We’ve aggregated some independent organizations and advocacy groups here.

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Prioritize Your Health

We know how overwhelming the ReproTech world can be. We’ve walked in your shoes. We know how important it is to access trusted, independent information so that you can make the best decisions for your health and well being.

As members of ‘Generation IVF’ our goal is to share what we’ve learned to help others as they navigate this unwieldy path.


Next Steps…

We welcome your participation and will keep you posted via our newsletter. We also ask for your help in publicizing our initiative.

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